Torque Fin® takes a two-person job and turns it into a one person job. It stabilizes your torque wrench so a single person can easily and safely do the work of tightening lug nuts. And it’s light too, making it easy to toss in the back of a work truck.


Central States Plastics



It’s Accurate!

It’s Durable!

Torque Fin® gives you the right torque — time after time. Air guns and impact hammers can easily improperly torque bolts, leading to stripped heads that create a safety hazard for you and for other vehicles on the road.

Torque Fin® has been designed to withstand extreme conditions and survive. Durable construction makes it a tool that will last.

Torque Fin® is a simple, cost-effective way to reduce your labor hours by 50 percent! After only a few uses, Torque Fin® will have paid for itself. Call (573) 787-0105 to order today!

Get your Torque Fin® today!

Just $199.95!

It’s Easy!

“It’s a tool you can’t do without” — Tim McKnight

Owner, McKnight Tire & Auto Center